Our Yukon, Our Stories

The Yukon mining industry is our territory’s most vital private sector employer and contributor - and the stories of our committed industry members can inspire a whole new generation of explorers, researchers and innovators.

People and partners who move our territory forward in a responsible way - uphold our environmental, social and cultural values and support the community initiatives that mean so much to the quality of life we all enjoy in the Yukon.

This is our Yukon – and we’re in it together.



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OurYukon Legacy

The Our Yukon, In It Together campaign extends its sincere appreciation to everyone who contributed time and talent to this project.

The people who work in our territory’s mining industry are our friends, our family members and our neighbours and they treasure our environment and open, respectful relationships with Yukon First Nation governments and citizens.

Thank you to GBP Creative and Mosaic Communications for bringing this portrait project to life.

This is Our Yukon and we’re in it together.


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